Kancelaria Prawna
Prawa Międzynarodowego
Paluch i Wspólnicy Sp.Kom.

ul. Floriańska 15/4
31-019 Kraków, Poland

tel. +48 12-429-12-10
fax. +48 12-422-80-36


KPPM Legal Office provides legal services on the basis of hourly rates or a monthly lump-sum, depending on the needs or choice of Clients.

A detailed description of activities performed by the Legal Office is always attached to invoices together with a specification of hours; invoices are issued on a monthly basis or upon completion of particular stages of the order, which makes it possible for Clients to verify the activities of the Legal Office.

With reference to the individual commissions, granted by the virtue of the contract, the law office may negotiate the lump sum fee, estimated proportionally or as an agreed amount, which varies depending on the subject of commission (success fee)