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Examples of completed projects of KPPM Legal office:
  • Legal services of the acquisition of Credit Suisse First Boston(Poland) S.A. by DOM MAKLERSKI BZ WBK in Poznan,
  • Preparation of the issue of bonds of EUROLOT S.A.,
  • Pre-privatisation legal audit for RUCH S.A., Warsaw, covering the examination of the legal status of real properties owned by RUCH,
  • Comprehensive legal audit for Heat Engineering Company GEOTERMIA PODHALANSKA S.A. in Zakopane,
  • Preparation of the legal conception of KR FARMER established for the purpose of consolidating 505 fuel stations belonging to the Polish Association of Farmers, Agricultural Circles and Organisations,
  • Participation in the privatization of Zakłady Przemysłu Tłuszczowego S.A. in Warsaw and Drukarnia Narodowa S.A. in Kraków,
  • Representation of persons expropriated of their property on the basis of decrees after World War II with regard to the enforcement of reprivatisation claims,
  • Representation of persons enforcing claims with regard to property left beyond the Bug River,
  • Participation and advising in real estate transaction for an entity which is one of the biggest estate owners in Poland (SGGW in Warsaw)
  • Performing of a legal audit of properties for the above mentioned entity,
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