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Provision of comprehensive legal aid within the scope of:
  • economic law
  • civil law
  • administrative law
  • commercial law
  • intellectual property law
  • new technology law
  • labour law
Examples of services provided by KPPM Legal Office:
  • representation in negotiations and entering into contracts,
  • legal service of real property trade,
  • comprehensive legal service of investment processes (including complex building processes),
  • consultancy in the establishment, registration, merger and transformation
    of commercial law companies,
  • representation of Investors in privatization processes,
  • legal audit of enterprises,
  • representation before Courts, enforcement bodies and public administration bodies (including tax authorities),
  • drafting of letters and contracts with regard to legal transactions,
  • representation towards contracting parties,
  • preparation of legal opinions and analyses,
  • representation in the debt recovery process,
  • service, legal aid and consultancy with regard to the acquisition
    of funds from the European Union.

1. Company and commercial law

The law office offers a comprehensive service to companies. We assist in the establishment of firms, mergers, takeovers, the opening of branches and agencies. Our lawyers, utilising their many years of experience, and at the same time closely analysing changes occurring in the domestic and foreign markets, offer legal services of the highest standard. Thanks to our cooperation with tax law specialists, our proposed solutions are characterised by optimal financial effect.

2. Property and development law

We provide a comprehensive service in the purchase, sale and development of property, including a service for transactions involving foreigners. We perform a thorough analysis of the legal and factual situation of the property. The law office prepares draft contracts, participates in negotiations and administrative proceedings and assists in obtaining the requisite permits, including construction law permits. Projects drawn up and transactions monitored are subject to verification for financial and tax consequences.

Our lawyers also offer assistance in the management and use of property, among other things we take care of such issues as management of common property, dissolution of co-ownership, rental and leasing.

3. Reprivatisation and expropriation proceedings

The law office provides services in the pursuit of compensation for property and other assets seized by the state, and also conducts proceedings with the aim of recovering expropriated property. Our many years of experience ensure entitlements are received quickly and effectively. We provide an analysis of the legal status of seized property on the basis of land registers and other documents, we represent our clients before administrative authorities and then pursue on their behalf the return of property and/or payment of compensation before the Court.

List of legal acts bases of expropriations carried out 1918-2008

4. Civil and employment law

The law office offers a comprehensive legal service in the preparation and negotiation of contracts, such as rental agreements, lease agreements for business and residential premises, contracts of mandate and service agreements, developer agreements, loan agreements and conveyancing. In addition, we also offer services in bankruptcy and receivership law. In the field of employment law, the law office provides services both on an individual and on a collective basis. We have a wealth of experience in the preparation of employment contracts, management contracts, non-competition agreements, and in the drawing up of internal regulations – working regulations and remuneration. The office's experience is centred on the representation of employees or employers in the solution of labour disputes and collective disputes.

5. Intellectual property and unfair competition law

The office takes care of the particulars of the following issues: copyright law and related laws, industrial property law, competition law, competition and consumer protection law and combating unfair competition. Among the most important services we offer are the compilation of legal opinions in copyright law and related laws, and legal services in disputes in this field, in particular in the protection of trademarks, industrial designs and utility models and patents. We represent clients in legal disputes, offer consultancy and assistance in negotiations, mediate in the conclusion of settlements, and perform legal analyses of chains business activities with respect to the principles of competition and consumer protection.

6. International law

KPPM law office is an international office. Thanks to our offering services in English, German and French, we are able to offer a comprehensive service to both Polish and foreign clients. We provide legal services with consideration of Polish and foreign legal regulations. We observe transactions on the international market, we study and gather information regarding the legal solutions most commonly applied abroad, thanks to which our proposed legal solutions are characterised by practicality and are adapted to the needs of each individual client. We also carry out international legal transactions, such as mergers and service of foreign economic entities with regard to tax consequences.

7. Legal and administrative proceedings, arbitration

Services provided by our process department include representation in legal disputes in civil, business and administrative law. In particular, the activities of the office involve civil cases, cases in contract law, property law and inheritance law, economic affairs, in particular debt collection, compensation, cases arising in the course of anti-monopoly proceedings and administrative cases. We represent clients before administrative courts, high courts, courts of conciliation and arbitration and administrative authorities.

Proceedings are conducted with regard to economics of trials.
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